Certification Course

Numerology Certification Course in the Native Paths Method

This course will be composed of numerology modules that weave together giving you a numerology certification in the Native Paths method of numerology to be used as a professional numerologist or to add to your existing services that you already offer clients.

This course will include an in depth study of·       

  • structure of the blueprint
  •  blueprints seven positions
  • single digits 0-9, the double digits
  •  master number
  •  22 archetypes and number personalities
  •  other number systems that expand numerology
  •  the time cycles and how to work them
  •  2 kinds of karmic numbers
  •  challenges & pinnacles
  •  essence numbers and their calculations for a lifetime
  •  relationships in business or personal life
  • groups & families

Through a 20 client practicum you will gain a strong ability to:

  • Dissect
  • Calculate
  •  Interpret

You will discover and understand so much more about yourself and others.You will love the outcome and the benefits to ensure your security with positive results by helping others to be all that they can be.You will love talking with and helping others.You will develop your intuitive skills by learning to tap into  the flow of information from source when two or more are gathered. You will learn about different types of numerology from other cultures.

Required for Certification

  • You will need to attend every module, either in person or via other technology.
  • You will need to submit written interpretations for each of your practicum clients.
  • You will be interviewed personally about your practicum for your final certification.


  • This course will be taught 1 Saturday a month for 6 months.
  • This will be available in person, by skype, or teleclass/webinar, depending on the attendee’s location.
  • This will take a full and serious commitment to invest in yourself and your financial future.

Contact me for payment options and interview: midlifespirit@gmail.com.

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