7-7-7 Portal Energy & 7-Circuit Labyrinths Explained

This is such a powerful time that I felt the need to explain the energies in more depth.  The following video interviews, were an important way in which I was able to explain the energies of the 7-7-7 portal days in greater depth. 

2023 Totals 7 for this year. July is the 7th month. 7th day, 16th, and 25th are all ‘7’ days.

The month, the day and the year align to create a Stargate/Portal energy during the month of July this year only. Those 3 days-  the 7th, 16th, and the 25th all reduce to a number 7 according to Numerology.

Let us help heal Mother Earth by walking a Labyrinth in your area or here at my place (locally in Southern Maine, please contact me for directions) at 7 am or 7 pm on 7/7, 7/16, or 7/25 with the intention of Bringing Love and Peace to Mother Earth.

Another way you can enhance the 7-7-7 energies for yourself is listening to the 777hz Solfegio frequencies available on YouTube.com

If you do not have access to a local labyrinth, you can search Google for images and finger trace a 7 circuit labyrinth for a similar effect. The Seed of Life pattern is also another 7 energy.

My recent interview with Northern Maine Numerologist Sue Coffin

My recent interview with New Hampshire Astrologer Dorothy Morgan