Freedom Through Numbers: Finding Your I AM


Your numerology Blueprint IS the true you. Who you are – and who you have been told that you are – may be very different. By determining your personal numbers and learning how to work with them to create change in your life, you activate your numerology blueprint, applying your numerology information to your practical life.
Freedom through Numbers offers a new take on using your Numerology Blueprint.  With this book, you can:
•    reach your full potential – physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually;
•    attain freedom and fulfillment based on your life purpose;
•    discover and accentuate your best traits and talents;
•    change old patterns and beliefs that no longer apply to your life;
•    create practical actions;
•    and move forward in your life.
This book is for the beginner who is starting on their path as well as for the experienced numerologist.

by Master Numerologist Darlene Chadbourne

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