Introduction to Numerology

What does knowing your personal numbers do for you? Use your personal numbers to ground, validate, and activate your total being.

Numerology is a tool with many applications that can be applied to a person, business, team or a place. Numerology illuminates, clarifies and personalizes your path in life.


Guides you along your personal path in life

  • Gives you a deeper understanding of who you are
  • Helps you to grow and evolve into your full potential.
  • Highlights your gifts and talents
  • Charts your personal numerological cycles of time
  • Focuses your energy in any given year, month or day – timing is everything

Working with personal cycles of time can accelerate and deepen the meaning of your work and your purpose in life.

Bring calculator if you feel you need it for simple calculations. Most cell phones have one.


Part One

The Numbers and What They Mean

Numbers 1 to 9, and the powerful 0, and the Master Numbers, The Light and Dark side of Numbers

What can your Date of Birth tell you

  • Lessons on this Path
  • Career/ Success/ Attitude/ Fulfillment

Part Two

Whats in a Name?

  • First. Middle, Last or Surname.
  • What happens when a surname is replaced by a married name?
  • Soul, Past energies and gifts brought forward
  • Personality: Present time and Presence radiating outward, or masking of hidden agendas.
  • Inner Guidance-Present–the energy that is always present for your use to connect for direction and guidance.
  • Path of Destiny Future-Evolving forward, Trajectory, Aiming toward Goals.
  • Maturity Future-What you are growing into for completion in order to say “Mission Accomplished” in this lifetime.

Part Three

Adoption When you’ve been dealt a double deck to work with.

  • How do you handle it?
  • You are never given more than you can handle.
  • You have big work to do here
  • The Powerful aspects of a person who has been adopted.

Names Changes

  • Why you would do it?
  • What purpose does it serve?
  • What would it accomplish?
  • Is it worth the bother?

Timing by the Numbers

  • Cycles of Time in your life -Through the Numbers
  • Comparison of the last millennium to this millennium.
  • What its like to live through a millennium change for you?
  • What happens when the numbers of the year change?