Go Figure

Connecting the Dots from the Inside/Out

Go figure is a place to connect the dots of your spirit, your being, your thought process and your body into a forward moving vehicle of change.

My intention is to draw your attention and make connections to familiar things that will spark a new way of thinking about you and your life.

Everybody remembers coloring in coloring books when we were kids.  We started coloring when we were very young.  Our parents tried to wait long enough to introduce this learning tool until they thought we could distinguish the difference between coloring in a book from coloring on the walls.  As kids we wanted to work on gross motor skills and what better place than the large expansive canvas of a spacious wall.  After all we thought big back then.  Large unlimited thinking with no containment and no boundaries was a feeling of freedom before we learned the rules.  As kids we loved the wide open spaces.  We loved the freedom.  We loved just being all that we could be.  How many of us are still using our bodies as containers and still keeping every thought and feeling inside the lines?  Are we using our bodies as the canvas covering it with fabric and color in an attempt to allow some of that color outside of the lines of the body?

Those first coloring books had as much color outside the lines as inside the lines.  It took a lot of practice to learn enough control to keep the color inside the lines.  At the same time unbeknown to us we were learning how to control our voices, our feelings, our emotions and our movements.  Everything was about keeping things contained and controlled.  Some of us learned these lessons better then others.  I think the girls learned it better than the boys, they were allowed more freedoms to act out, to be boys, to be loud and boisterous.  The best students are still working hard to contain all of our thoughts, our feelings and our beings inside the lines, maybe inside the lines of our bodies.  Did we create a spacious large body to have a large enough canvas on the inside of the lines? We may have created a larger body because there was so much more to us then we had room for in our smaller bodies.

If we could remember how to color outside the lines again could we give ourselves permission to let some of those thoughts and feelings outside of the lines of the body and once again find that large expansive canvas called a wall.  Painting the walls in our house can be a metaphor for coloring outside of the containment of a coloring book.  If you cannot paint the walls where you live then maybe you could get a roll of butcher paper and use some poster putty to attach many overlapping pieces to a wall and color to your hearts content.

Later, as we began to learn how to count we could graduate to connect-the-dot books.  Those were always my favorite, because I got to make my own lines connecting one dot to the next following the numerical sequence that eventually connected back to number one where I started.. This led me to solving the mystery of the dots and the surprise of what the picture was.  Connect-the-Dots was a progressive tool just like the coloring book having to do with space and lines to distinguish between inside and outside, no lines, no picture. With Connect-the-Dots I got to create the boundary line that created the differentiating between inside and outside.  I was the creator of the picture with inner and outer space even though I didn’t know what the picture was going to be.  It made no difference because I had the power to create by connecting the dots.

To this day I still love the power of connecting the dots to reveal the metaphors and pictures that are created by drawing boundary lines to contain space in time.  Different times require different lines and different shapes and sizes.  Have I stuck to my old containment places from childhood or have I given myself permission to first color outside the lines and then to make the lines myself by connecting the dots to be the creator of my own pictures and container, mainly the body.  How do I connect the dots in my life to realize the shape and size of my body and what it contains?

This is also the theme and method that I use when I figure your personal numerological blueprint.  I use the numbers to connect the dots and portray a more in–depth picture of who you are and what you have available to you in those seven numbers.

My intention is to help you to think differently to reformulate the shape of your body in a new and different way.  Let go of the limitations and update your thinking to update the image of the size of the body that you need.  Allow yourself to color outside the limitations of your body.  Free your beautiful spirit it no longer needs to be contained.