2022 Astrology & Numerology Insights Event

2022 astrology numerology


Astrology: 2022 we start the year with Venus retrograde in Capricorn. As a matter of fact all the personal planets will retrograde this year. Mercury, Venus and Mars and so Dorothy will go over dates and meanings of each of them.

The 4 eclipses are in fixed signs; meaning some things that feel certain and solid are shifting.

Saturn and Uranus will square off one last time in the early Fall. However there are no hard aspects between any outer planets this year with this one exception. Which means we should generally feel like we have a break from the tougher transits of the prior two years.

Numerology: Here it comes the year we have been waiting for 2022

Look at all those 2’s with the accompanying zero. Then there is the total of the year with the vibration of 6.

Two= Relationships on all levels, Mediation, Negotiation, and best of all Peace at all cost.

Six=Harmony and Balance, Beauty and Decorating, Nurturing and Comfort, the importance of Home and Family.

Zero=Spirit helping us out and directing us to the best results.  The question is can we get there from this 5 year that seeks the freedom we all want and deserve. Let’s intend that it will be so.

As usual the recording includes the Stargate month and days for transitioning.

Darlene Chadbourne: is an intuitive Master Numerologist and Full Potential Consultant.  

Website: DarleneChadbourne.com

Dorothy Morgan: is a  Master Astrologer – Personal     Consultant and teacher.

Website:   nhastrologer.com

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