Monthly Astrology Study Group

Scheduled on the third Wednesday of every month.
6:30 pm ~ 8:30 pm
Address will be supplied upon reservation. Private home.

Bring your Astrology Charts. We are working through the houses. This month, the second house, this is where our skills and talents lie, our self-esteem is also part of this house and so is the way we earn our money. Come see what that means for you.

This class works from the “Astrology for Yourself” Workbook and it is recommended that you have this available.

This group is for people with some basic Astrology knowledge and the learning is at a Beginner/Advanced Beginner level. Please bring your birth chart if you have one, or give your birth information when you register.

This class sets its own agenda dealing with current events, current planetary placement, such as lunar cycles or retrograde planets. Discussions are centered on these factors and how they impact us on a more personal level as individuals.

We will be doing an in-depth study of one of the houses at each group session.

Register with Darlene Chadbourne at or Dorothy Morgan at