Radiating and Magnetizing

(for self-employed practitioners)

This workshop is geared toward self-employed practitioners who would like to learn some new tools for putting yourself out into the world on all energy levels,by helping you find the blocks to allowing your whole self to be felt and seen by more and more people; removing the masks that have kept you hidden for most of your life for safety and security (many are left from childhood).

You will be using concepts relating to both number and form; tying them to space and time.  The mission of this work is for you to be able to hold and increase your power, which in turn allows you to radiate more and to be more of a magnet for clients to be drawn to you.

You are expanding and working on different levels now and some of the old tools you have been using are not working as well for you anymore.  I will be sharing with you the tools that I have developed in my own life and business.  Even with being out of circulation for 6 months people still were finding me and wanting to do business with me.

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