Numbers – Patterns – Numerology

There is a curiosity in all of us
… Even as we are completely wrapped up in everyday matters.

Discover the inspirational insights, knowledge and caring humor that master numerologist Darlene Chadbourne has brought to her private readings, classes, and presentations for over 20 years.

Darlene is a well-known numerologist who has appeared on radio talk shows and in other media. As a professional consultant, teacher, and author Darlene has a growing following of clients from all walks of life.

Darlene’s core practice is working with individuals, couples and families helping them to gain a new perspective about their lives, making better choices and maximizing their full potential.

Thank you for the wonderfully insightful session with you! I am so glad I listened to my intuition to make an appointment with you. What a magical day with numbers. ~K

I just had a potent reading with Darlene. I am flying with clarity, acknowledgment of me and my life purpose. I feel supported by life~like experiencing a light shining with a voice, connecting the dots of my life. ~B

Do you wonder which career is best for you or why you don’t feel fulfilled no matter how or where you focus your energies? Are you having relationship challenges? Do you want to start your own business but are concerned that the timing is not right?

Darlene can provide useful insight into these and many other important aspects of your life through the ancient wisdom of numerology. Contact Darlene today to set up your personal reading.

What happens in a Numerology & Numerology Compatibility Session?

Your Numerology & Numerology Compatibility session is like having someone open a book, that is all about you. Some insights you know, some insights are new, others are qualities that you felt and never fully expressed to yourself or to others. All are woven together to form the route numbers for your life.

• Do you wonder why your career and work are not fulfilling, no matter how hard you focus?
• Are you having relationship challenges?
• Do you want to start a business and know what the best timing and location is?
• How can you use your personal numbers to ground, validate, and activate your total being?

Darlene provides unique insights into these and many other important aspects of your life through the ancient wisdom of numerology.   Contact Darlene today to set up your personal reading.

Each numerology session is unique to you, as they are a personalized reading of many aspects of your Self. You will be listened to deeply, without judgment, in a supportive, unconditional fashion.

Yes! Let’s do this! Click here to book an appointment!

I have a knack for helping empower you to access your inner strength so you can fully
participate in your full life potential. You and I become co-creators of change and
transformation.  It really is quite remarkable!

Numerology guides you along your personal path in life and gives you a deeper understanding of who you are–understanding  your soul, past energies, and gifts brought forward.

It starts with a single Numerology & Numerology Compatibility session.

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      1. On May 14th I will be doing a Holistic Fair @ Spiritualist Church of Eternal life in Sabattus Maine. The table space is $30. for the day. If you would be interested in spending the day with us please let me know.
        Rev. Catherine Sabine

    1. Hello Donna,
      I am on the east coast in Maine, But I do most all of my consultations by phone no matter where you are. I also record the session so you will have it to listen to multiple times. I have clients who still go back and listen to their very first session even after they have worked with me for 3 or more years.

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