Have Only Positive Expectations

A wonderful 8 word with a great acronym that is so fitting for an 8 year.
Both the word “hope” and the phrase “Have only positive expectations” vibrate to an 8 energy. I think it is very fitting for an 8 year, 2+0+1+5 = 8.

I feel this is the year of the entrepreneur. People who have an 8 in their blueprint numbers really need to be self-employed. They do not do well working for others. Therefore the path of the entrepreneur becomes necessary, or at the very least a position where they are not micro-managed. The 8 represents business and finance.

The number eight, written in either direction, honors connections. Upright it is the connection between heaven and earth. In the infinity position, on its side, it is the connection between people on this Earth plane. During an 8 year it is very important to balance your giving and receiving. If you are one-sided, one way or the other, it interferes with your flow between heaven and Earth. Words that help with an 8 energy are FLOW, HOPE, PROSPERITY, and TRUST.

If you can visualize you being the connecting rod between heaven and Earth, then think about Heaven and Earth working together and the energy connecting at your Heart chakra. This allows you to give freely and to be replenished easily from above and below without depleting your own energy.

Wishing all of you a flow of continued blessings, and hope to carry you through 2015.

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